Hand-dyed and handwoven scarves

Loominarias scarves are light and silky and wonderful to touch. Handcrafted from hand-dyed tencel in unique, vibrant colorways, these luxurious fashion items are handwoven in a variety of original and traditional twill patterns.

Dyed and woven by fiber artists Carrie May and Mindy McCain, each scarf or shawl is a unique product of pattern and color, blending together to create a luminescent, colorful work of art. The tencel fiber makes them easy to care for — simply hand wash in the sink with regular detergent, hang or dry flat, and finish by steam pressing to restore the softness and shine.

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Loominarias shawls and scarves are available at art fairs throughout the Midwest, or contact the artists to see what colors and patterns are currently available.

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Smithsonian Craft Show, 2017

We are currently at the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC, April 26-30. A wonderful venue for a fantastic show. www.smithsoniancraftshow.org

Introducing Iridescent Fibers online!

Carrie May is now selling her hand-dyed Tencel scarf warps online!

Visit Iridescent Fibers at http://mkt.com/iridescent-fibers

Available in 3.5 and 7-yard lengths, these warps have 208 ends with a cross at both ends. The 3.5-yard warp, sleyed at 24 epi, can produce an 8" wide scarf woven 85" long (plus fringe). The 7-yard warp can produce 2 scarves. You can also put 2 warps together in the reed to create a wider scarf or shawl, or mix in solid color stripes to create a beautiful effect. Or split the 3.5-yard warp in half and weave two 4" wide scarves.

View the many scarves on this web site to see handwoven examples.

Contact Carrie at iridescentfibers@gmail.com for more information.