Loominarias, 2023

Wow, life is full of twists and turns as we get older. This year I am still in recovery mode but I have found my way back to the loom for short periods of time. I have created a few table runners of different lengths. If you are interested in any of these to purchase, please send me an email at loomies@loominarias.com.

I have also been experimenting with fiber reactives dyes and teach a class in Dyeing Art Fabrics at the Indianapolis Art Center.

Dye WallDye Square

Loominarias, 2022

Life has thrown me a curve ball this year. After some major hip and leg surgery, I cannot sit at my loom for more than a few minutes as a time, so I have taken a break from producing handwoven products to sell. I am teaching weaving at the Indianapolis Art Center and love watching my students learn and create on the loom. This will be my life for a while, I'm guessing.

Loominarias, 2021

The year 2020 is done and gone, and 2021 is looking up! The focus of Loominarias is still on functional tea towels and they are selling like hotcakes through the Artful Home printed catalog and web site (www.artfulhome.com). You can also get them directly from us, so just send us a note if you want to order. Visit our gallery page to learn more!

Loominarias, 2020

The year 2020 has been an unusual one, especially for artists. It has certainly given us time to reflect on our art. As a result of the weirdness of this pandemic year, Loominarias has changed its focus to more everyday and functional handwoven art.

Loominarias, 2018

We had another great show at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond 2018 54th Annual Craft + Design Show, November 16-18. This means that the current stock of scarves is limited at this time. There will be more available scarves added to our Gallery page as soon as possible.

Loominarias, 2017

We had a fantastic show this year at the Smithsonian Craft Show. The artists are all exquisite. We are very honored to have been included in the show. www.smithsoniancraftshow.org

2017 Craft+Design Best Booth Design awardWe had an exciting show this fall at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VA) 53rd Annual Craft + Design Show on November 17-19, 2017. The Loominarias booth won the Best Booth Design! Such an honor at a wonderful show. We hope to be back there in Virginia again next year.

And this was our 7th year at Columbus Winterfair, sponsored by Ohio Designer Craftsmen -- www.ohiocraft.org. It is the perfect place to do all your holiday shopping and support talented artists. Be there!